What kind of titanium is widely used for oilfield industry?

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In the oil industry, titanium is used for both exploration and production. You will also see titanium being used for construction, engineering and refining. Pipelines are nowadays built with titanium as main constituent and underwater operations rely on it, given its excellent resistance to corrosion (seawater, as we all know, is highly corrosive).

The different grades of titanium are employed for the development of heat exchangers (tube-in-shell, plate type,Zuudee BYD Titanium noted), as well as pumps and valves. Data logging equipment, various fixtures and fittings, as well as tanker purge systems can be developed from titanium. Submersibles, which are used in underwater operations, and cathodic protection anodes complete the list of titanium applications.
In recent years, titanium has begun to be used for the making of downhole tubulars. These are components of oil and gas wells, requiring an excellent resistance to corrosion and amazing strength. Titanium is now used for HPHT well applications – high pressure high temperature – demonstrating not only resistance to corrosion but also to stress corrosion cracking.

Titanium Alloy Oil Well Pipe
The environment in oil wells is very harsh. Oil well pipes need to withstand internal or external pressures of hundreds or even thousands of atmospheres, tensile loads of hundreds of tons, and the effects of high temperature and corrosive media. Once the oil well pipe is damaged, it may directly cause the oil and gas well to be scrapped.
The application of titanium alloy in oil well pipes can be said to give full play to titanium alloy’s advantages, greatly reducing the probability of oil well pipe damage and the cost of oil field development.
Advantages Of Titanium Alloy Used As Oil Well Pipe Material
1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Titanium alloy has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel. It is particularly resistant to pitting, acid corrosion, and stress corrosion.  
2. Good Physical Properties
Titanium alloy has a low density and high strength, which can effectively reduce the weight of the structure, reduce the stress of the pipe string, and increase the load of the mechanism. Besides, titanium alloy is non-magnetic, which is more conducive to downhole operations. More importantly, the durability, fracture resistance, and high-temperature resistance of titanium alloys are excellent, and its fatigue life is more than 10 times that of ordinary steel. This is of great significance to oil pipes, drill pipes, offshore risers, and ultra-deep wells.
In short, the application of titanium alloy in oil well pipes has great advantages, and the development prospects of titanium alloy oil well pipes will be very broad.

Oil and Gas Machining for:
Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Ends
Directional Drilling Collars, Subs and Mandrels
Artificial Lift Components Such as Pockets, Mandrels, and Bodies
Sub-Sea Stack Components
Large Shafts
Blow Out Preventers (BOPs) Components, such as Ram Shafts, Locking Shafts, Bonnet’s
Drill Rig Components, such as Top Drives, Links, Quills, Mandrels, Yokes, Pins, etc.
Frac Valve Bodies, Powerframes and Flowline Components
Connecting Rods
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Components
Gearbox Components
High-Quality CNC Machining Services that Meet Complex Challenges of Oil and Gas Industry
The oil and gas industry always demands products or components that can encounter unexpected working environments. We, at BDE Technologies, Inc., offer a comprehensive range of precision machining services for the oil and gas industry. Our parts are not only precision designed, but also created with materials that enable them to withstand abusive environments. Precision machining capabilities and vast industry expertise have helped us provide improved applications every time. 
CNC Machining Services for the Oil and Gas Industry 
Zuudee BYD titanium oil and gas industry clients approach us for the following CNC machining services:
• CNC Turning and Milling: These are two important processes in CNC machining. These processes help us ensure precision of components. Our advanced CNC turning services enable us to provide parts in length up to 3 feet, and maximum part diameter 16” dia. We can assure tolerances of ± .0002”. CNC Milling can machine parts up to 10” X 32” X 64”.
• Precision Machining: Our precision CNC machining capabilities enable us to provide a wide range of services such as tapping, deburring, drilling, internal threading, etc. We can also provide a wide range of secondary services, such as plating, anodizing, heat treating, welding, etc. 
Materials BYD Work With
We regularly work with the following materials while machining products for the oil and gas industry. These materials have different machining characteristics and demand high finishes, as well as tight tolerances. 
• Inconel 718: This is a corrosion-resistant, high-strength nickel chromium alloy, which offers excellent weldability. It has a good tensile and rupture strength, and fatigue creeps. This is why it is regularly used to create various oil and gas industry parts. 
• Inconel 800: It is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy, which is well-known for its excellent structural strength, oxidation resistance, and carburization at high temperatures. The nickel composition of this alloy contributes to its chloride stress corrosion cracking. Also, the alloy offers excellent resistance in much acidic, and sulfur containing environments. 
• Duplex 2205: It is a nitrogen enhanced duplex stainless steel, which is used in applications created for environments, which demand excellent strength, and corrosion resistance. Also, this alloy combines advantages of the austenitic and ferritic alloy.  
• Hastelloy C276: It is a nickel, chromium, and molybdenum induced super alloy, which offers excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of abusive environments. Hastelloy C276 is widely used in oil and gas industry. 
• Titanium: This transition metal offers excellent corrosion resistance in sea environments. This is the sole reason for including it in various oil and gas applications. 

CNC Machined Parts and Components for Oil and Gas Industry

We provide CNC machining for the following components and parts:

Pumps and Systems
Tri-cone Drill Bit Parts
Hydraulic Components
Electric Submersible Pumps
Stuffing Box
Sealing Systems
Connected Rod Bushings
Valving Systems
Wrist Pin Bushings
Vacuum Barrier
High-Pressure FRAC Pump Components
Blowout Preventers
FRAC Pump Liners
Actuating Systems

Zuudee BYD is committed to quality. Our CNC machined parts and components are always in accordance with rigorous industry standards. 

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